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Jesus’ very first miracle was the miracle of acceleration 

Early in His ministry before any miracles had been performed, The Bible tells that Jesus was at a wedding with His mother and a few disciples. When the wedding party ran out of wine (which culturally was a very big deal), Jesus was told by Mary that there was no more wine. Jesus quickly Responded to Mary His mother and reminded her that it was yet not time to reveal His divinity. Yet, He went ahead and did something that blew everyone’s mind. He asked His disciples to bring water pots, and fill them with water to the brim. He then asked them to draw out the water from the pots and to their shock, it had now become wine. However, it was not just good wine, according to the wedding planner, he said it was the BEST wine. Wine experts will tell you that wine fermented over a period of 15-20 years is what’s considered the best wine. Here Jesus was able to not only transform water into wine, but He made time bend its own rules based on His request. What should have taken years was produced in mere seconds.

We have to understand that God operates outside of the contents and rules of time. And this was the beginning of the miracles of Jesus Christ. Acceleration is a type of anointing. It is a gift and unveiled power of God. Therefore, to be an Accelerator is a mindset. It’s a faith walk, a belief and a work towards the unequivocal power of God. In formula, acceleration is the rate of change in speed of someone or something. Through our faith in Jesus Christ, our mindset, and the efforts of our work (James 2: 14 – 17) we believe that we are called to move the weight and influence of God’s Kingdom forward, and to help push destinies further and faster.


Acceleration Church empowers people to understand all that God has designed them to do and all that He wants them to effect. We equip people for maximum output in their respective assignments and roles for the benefit of the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

1 JOHN 4:7-8

Love is an essential pillar of our church community. It reflects the heart of Jesus Christ’s ministry and teachings, emphasizing caring for one another, showing kindness and compassion, and fostering an environment of inclusivity and acceptance for all. As a church pillar, love provides a solid foundation for Acceleration Nation, enabling members to grow closer to God and to one another in a positive and supportive communal setting, centered on the unconditional love that God has for all of His children.

Ecclesiastes 8:15
To Live represents the active, vibrant and dynamic nature of our faith. At Acceleration Church we encourage members to put their faith into practice, to strive to be better individuals, and to be a part of a collective effort to do good in the world by making a positive choices in how they live. As a church pillar, Live promotes a sense of self-worth, confidence, well-being, and growth. Together, Love and Live form a strong foundation that forms the basis for a happy, engaging, and supportive church community that empowers its members to spread the joy and blessings of faith to those around them.
Lead incorporates a strong sense of progressive thinking, innovation, and vision, encouraging members to embody the values they uphold, to inspire others, and to strive to make more of a difference in the world beyond the church’s walls. Together, Love, Live, and Lead represent a powerful and transformative basis for a church community committed to personal growth, social responsibility, and spiritual fulfillment, guided by the example of Jesus Christ’s life and teachings.
Legacy acknowledges the importance of maintaining a lasting impact on the community and the world by embracing a long-term vision and a commitment to ongoing acts of service and charity work. It emphasizes the importance of passing on the rich values of faith and fellowship to future generations, ensuring that Christ’s mission will continue well into the future. Together, Love, Live, Lead, and Legacy form a comprehensive foundation for a church community committed to lasting impact, meaningful service, and spiritual growth for members old and new.
Meet the spirit filled power couple Dio & Tekoa Pouerie, your new lead pastors.
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You can expect our amazing team and culture to make you feel right at home. You will find ample parking, but it goes fast, so we have reserved our first row of parking spaces just for you. When you arrive turn on your hazard lights and a parking attendant will direct you to the visitors front row parking. We also have reserved parking for families with special needs and young children.
Visiting a new church can be intimidating, so let us walk through the experience with you! At Acceleration Church, our first-time guests are VIP. From parking, kids’ church, and post-experience, we’ll be there with you every step of the way! We even have an exclusive gift just for you as well!
At Acceleration Church, there is no dress code. You’ll see some people in suits and others in jeans and a t-shirt. Wear whatever makes you comfortable!
Our goal is to help you ensure that your child develops into the leader God designed them to be. Accelent Kids is available during each worship experience so you can enjoy a great service knowing your child is being loved and nurtured!
We recognize visiting a new church can be overwhelming, so we want to make it easy. Our Cafe is a place where you can connect with other guests, meet our staff, and pick up a special gift for being our guest. Pastors Dio and Tekoa are also waiting after each service to meet you!
Acceleration Church has many avenues where people can get involved in serving the church, serving the community, and serving one another. The first step is to take the Next Steps Course. Here you will have the opportunity to learn about Acceleration Church, learn about the many ministries and opportunities that are available, and get a chance to meet the ministry leaders and ask questions.


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